eLearning Q&A

As you start your course, review the following Q&A's relevant to all our learners

How much time should I allocate towards completion of my course?
Generally, the time allocated to each module should be between 60 and 120 minutes. If you are planning to complete one module each week, try to set aside 30 minutes to listen to the presentation and around 90 minutes to complete the assessment tasks. This should represent around 5% of your weekly productive time. You may consider completing each module outside of working hours as part of your personal commitment to your professional development.

How can I get maximum value from my course?
There are 3 key tips to maximise the value from your course. Have you been following these tips? (1) Ensure that you complete the course in the suggested timeframe. Going too fast (or too slow) through the course can affect the value you receive. (2) Build up your consolidated SMART action list as you complete each module and review the list once a week. This will keep you on track. (3) Identify a colleague (perhaps your manager) with whom you can share your ideas, thoughts and actions. Use them to keep you accountable.

How can I best incorporate the SMART actions from my HTST course within my existing professional development pathway?
HTST courses are complimentary to the technical training that most firms focus on with professional development. As you complete your course, I recommend that you have an in-depth discussion with your manager in relation to the actions you have identified during the course. You may need to establish priorities with the actions you propose. You'll probably find that focus on 2-3 key actions at any one time is sufficient. Then you can simply review the SMART action list on a monthly or quarterly basis.

How does assessment task scoring work?
Each module contains 4 assessment tasks. The course administrator will personally score each task response on the basis of the level of thought and consideration that goes into the response. Generally, there are no right or wrong answers, it's the depth of thought that's important. You should be considering what the task means in relation to your role and responsibilities as well as personal challenges and priorities. If you are unsure why you received a specific score, you should contact the course administrator.

Can I complete my course in a group environment?
Some of our courses are designed to be presented and completed in a group environment - Client Service Administrator, Pricing Policies for Professional Firms and Client Connect are 3 examples. If you are enrolled with colleagues in a course designed for individuals, for example The Young Accountant course. you could attend the presentation sessions together and then complete the assessment tasks as individuals. Contact the course administrator if you'd like further information on how you can complete your course in a team environment. 

How can I propose changes to firm policies and procedures?
Inevitably, some of your ideas and suggestions will require a change to your firm's approach. You should be looking for opportunities to discuss these potential changes with your manager. Often the learners of our courses will provide a formal report and presentation to the management team at the conclusion of the course, outlining learnings and suggestions for the firm. This is a tremendously valuable part of the learning process and recommended as you complete your course.

What should I do if I'm falling behind with my course schedule?
It's common for other priorities, especially workflow, to take over from professional development needs. If you find it's been quite a few weeks since you last worked on the course, simply make a time to continue at a reasonable pace. Don't try to catch up by completing multiple modules in a short period of time. You won't do justice to the learning objectives or the assessment tasks if you rush. Let the course administrator and your manager know if you need extra time. 

I'm running out of time to complete my course, what can I do?
All learners have access to course content for 12 months from enrolment date. You also should be receiving automatic reminders along the way. However if you are approaching the course deadline and would like an extension, please contact the course administrator.